Letter of Intent

Welcome to PlushBabe,

The purpose of this letter is to bring public awareness of a newly formed private label entity, PlushBabe LLC, PlushBabe.com. Founded in 2019, PlushBabe is a startup company entering into the women’s market place. The four major markets in the women’s retail sales arena are health, personal care, beauty and fashion.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to engineer, design, manufacture, provide high quality, US made women’s products with a relaxed, classy and luxurious theme. Addressing our customer’s needs with professionalism and high standards in communications and return policies backed by incentives, and guaranties is equally important to our team.

Product lineup: Women’s health and fitness is our primary concern. Our first product line will be high quality, all natural nutritional supplements. Second phase product line will be skin, oral and hair care products. Third line of products introduction will be all natural and organic cosmetics. The fourth products line will be women’s activewear, fashion attire and accessories.

Consumer health and safety is our primary goal, one example is in the cosmetics industry. With Modern advances in science and technology it is still a very challenging proposition replacing synthetic ingredients with more natural or organic ingredients, while striving to maintain the vibrancy of colors in women’s makeup. Natural ingredients does not produce the brilliancy in makeup as most synthetic materials do. With a growing market for all natural cosmetics, there is a trade off with the color vibrancy for the end user. Safety and human health is our deepest sincerity.

Consumer; It will be simple and easy to purchase products from Plushbabe.com. Registration of an account is not necessary. To receive incentives and important notifications registration of an account is recommended. As a PlushBabe Customer you can place an order by yourself, at any time, while experiencing fast delivery. Need help? Our customer care is but a phone call away.

Marketing: Earn 51% commissions! One of the most powerful ways to grow a business is “Affiliate Marketing.” This is where any customer, or any gender can market PlushBabe products and earn 51% Commissions front line “first tear sales.” Build it as wide as you want and make as much money as you want! Training and resources will be available on Plushbabe.com.

Branding: Our goal is to create a successful new Brand… Create brand awareness, increase brand preference and build brand loyalty. PlushBabe - is a name that will be distinctive, memorable, easy to pronounce, and emotionally appealing. The name PlushBabe will resonate with women in a very classy and luxurious culture backed by quality. See terms below!

Plush: 1. (Often of a house, restaurant, bar, etc.) good in a way that implies luxury or wealth. “His pad was pretty plush.” 2. Something soft, comfortable and luxurious. “The plush couch put me to sleep...” 3. When a woman is plush, she is plush. She can’t be described in any other word.

Babe: 1. Typically, baby is referenced to a child. Sometimes “baby” used address a younger person. 2. In the adult realm the words baby or babe is used in the context or lexicon of “terms of endearment”. Used to describe or address a loved one or lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. “My Sweetheart, my Baby...”

Stan Bland.JPG

PlushBabe: 1. All women are beautiful! My definition of a PlushBabe is any woman who has high standards, commands respect, is beautiful in personality and only wants the best that life has to offer. “Hey Baby, you’re so Plush…”

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Stanley Bland, CEO

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